This department works on the design, construction and calculation of ventilation systems. These are dimensioned in a way that provides a maximum use at a minimised expenditure in ventilation. The solutions are planned and implemented in cooperation with other departments spanning several technical trades.

When designing ventilation systems the necessities resulting from user requirements, legal regulations and underlying instructions by DIN and VDI are taken into account. Modern designing aides like thermal load software are as much used as company-specific dimensioning software for ventilation modules. In combination with the heating department cost effectiveness analyses can be carried out using own excel-sheets. A growing part is dedicated to the study of natural ventilation processes, which are in part analysed with other planning partners.

Furthermore the department ventilation designs following purpose-built systems:

  • positive air pressure escape route ventilation systems (SÜLA®)
  • smoke extraction systems
  • chipping extraction systems
  • kitchen air with / without waste air purification technology
  • operating room ventilation facilities
  • ventilation in hospitals

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