Sanitation / Public Health Engineering

The department public health engineering carries out the design and complete calculation of sanitary facilities of any dimension as well as the draft, design and calculation of extensive stationary fire suppression systems.

Planning services in the department of sanitation span all work stages of the HOAI and comprise all fields of sanitation, e.g.:

  • plot planning
  • design of rainwater and wastewater reticulations according to their character
  • design of reticulations for potable water and special water like greywater and treated water for special uses
  • dimensioning of facilities for rainwater exploitation and retention basins
  • water treatment facilities
  • conception and design of public and private swimming pools (swimming pool sanitation)
  • pressurised air
  • medicinal and technical gases

Fire suppression systems

The planning of fire suppression systems is carried out in close coordination with the responsible authorities and insurances of the client, with the emphasis on maximum benefit at high cost effectiveness.

Complete hydrant systems in and outside of buildings on premises belong to fire suppression systems as well as active fire protection like sprinkler systems, water spray systems and gas extinction systems for highly sensitive areas like IT, high-value goods etc.
A special focus lies on the integration of sanitation and fire suppression systems into the entire building services and building structure.

The specific requirements of the client or user are fully considered during the planning process.

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