Not only does a well-working heating and refrigeration system attribute to a large part of the cost effectiveness of a building, it is also essential for creating a comfortable ambience in the respective rooms. For these purposes all thermotechnical systems are designed in our heating and refrigeration engineering department from generation respectively conversion to the appliances for different types of energy transmission.

Foundations of the design are the different requirements of the users regarding thermic comfort, cost effectiveness, architecture of the project and operational safety allowing for rules and regulations. Considerate use of energy and materials is becoming an increasingly important social topic. This is addressed by intelligent and integrated design.

The department addresses following specialised branches in heating systems:

Heat sources, heat generators:

  • gas heaters
  • oil heaters
  • solar heating
  • heat pumps
  • cogeneration/CHP
  • district heating

Heating appliances, ways of heating:

  • radiators
  • floor heating
  • radiant heating
  • forced-air heating

Cold production systems:

  • natural cold
  • electric powered cooling unit
  • thermic powered cooling unit

Cooling appliances:

  • air conditioning, ventilation
  • forced-air cooling
  • cooling ceilings

The specific requirements of the client or user are fully considered during the planning process of the heating systems. The department can rely on decades of practical experience.

Amongst others, our heating and refrigeration engineering department has experience in this areas:

  • economic survey for heating and cooling systems
  • low temperature heating
  • radiating, heating and cooling surfaces
  • thermal activation of construction elements
  • modern generators/condensing boilers
  • cogeneration/CHP and heat pumps
  • cold production with vapour-compression or absorption refrigeration (e.g. solar air conditioning)
  • thermal energy storage for heat and cold (including ice storage AC)
  • minisplit and VRF systems
  • economic cooling of data processing centres
  • industrial cooling of machines and equipment
  • chilled ceiling panels

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