Electrical engineering

Electricity is the energy source for almost all operations of a building. All expertise of the trades important to electro-technics converges in the electrical engineering department.

Our experts design the entire electronic system according to the results of a tailored demand and standard evaluation; from the transfer of the electricity to the ultimate consumer. Special attention is being paid towards the integration of all consumers in the building. In addition, in this department the security of the electricity supply and microgeneration, e.g. by photovoltaic facilities, are designed and overseen until the delivery to the builder and user.

An important section within the electrical engineering is the lighting engineering. We design ideal illumination systems tailored to the particular purpose in the individual building projects. Excellent vision in the workplace and energy efficiency are the main goal, so there is a close collaboration to both architects and user. We offer advice in the questions of:

  • reflection values of the surroundings
  • luminous colour
  • choice of lamps
  • consideration of daylight

Another special section of this department is the planning of elevator and conveyor systems. These facilities are indispensable technical appliances that ensure a continuous flow of people and material according to the building’s character and requirements.

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